Sunday, December 2, 2012


A new blog name.

 An 11 month old Eboo.

A 2.75 year old Alex.

I shall refresh my blog and pray to the creative gods to keep me writing. I need this to keep my head straight. Also, it'll keep me off of Facebook. I've written about the great parts of FB before, but it's also a monumental time sucker. I'm not exactly being at my most creative when I'm posting about finishing my laundry "at last!" or reading another HuffPost about Katy Perry and her alien political leanings. As for the brand new shiny name, my life is divided a bit differently now than it was when I only had one peanut. With a pair of dudes, I have less time for beer dinners, much to my chagrin. I do have more time (not really, but it feels good to say so) for juggling and innovating in our home. Especially now that we are home owners and no longer renters. So prepare yourself for such THRILLING (read:mundane) subjects as "How To Hang Chair Rails Without Hanging Yourself." And "Oops, My Kids Just Spilled Milk On The Leather Couch. Watch As I Chase Them Around The House With A Rubber Spatula!!" Occasionally I may even share an innovative little tidbit. Like when I couldn't find an elastic puller while sewing shorts, so I super glued the end of the elastic to a Popsicle stick and ran the sucker through the casing with ease. Snip and go.

 Yup, my life is the exciting one. But I like it.

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