Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Mommy, I Got Raisins!" & Other Bath Time Fun

I consider myself very lucky that I don't have "bath-resistant" kids.  Both of my boys love to take baths.  It would save a ton of time if they would civilly take one together, but separate baths afford me some good one on one time with them.

Alex is a fan of our oversized tub.  While he doesn't mind taking a bath in his standard tub and will even take a shower occasionally (this is a great thing when you live near a beach), he loves when we fill the "big tub" up with water and bubbles.  We've accumulated some McDonalds toys from our occasional road trips and they make great bath toys.  You don't care if they get waterlogged or broken.  To a two year old the random movie characters are just people he can imagine with.  They aren't constrained by their movie characters, because my kid has never seen the movies they're from.  He puts them on the rim of the tub and has them act out all sorts of scenes of bad guys and good guys where a duck saves Metroman from the evil Jack Frost.  Or a dinosaur dunks a weird cat creature from some Ice Age spin off.  We have two aquamen that were given to us from family and two of the same charachter just blows his mind.  When the water starts to cool and I have to beg him to get out, we always check for raisin fingers.  It's something my mom did with me and it's fun to pass on the tradition.

Ethan is hysterical in the bath.  Ever since he could sit up well in the standard bathtub, he's been a splashing fool.  Now that he's even more comfortable with his balance, rolling, and general confidence, he loves to roll around in the tub.  He'll even lay on his back as I only put 2-3 inches of water in the tub.  He'll lay there and languish.  Just when you think it's safe to get close to him he kicks his legs with wild abandon to get you soaked.  The kid is funny.  And not just a little diabolical.  He also likes to get on his hands and knees and belly flop.  He bows his back, kicks his feet and has his hands over his head like an Olympic diver mid-air.  He'll play with all of Alex's toys in the tub but loves water in general the most.  In fact, even after he's all dried off and jammied up, if he hears the tub run for Alex's bath he hightails it into whichever bathroom we're in and tries to jump in.  Jammies and all!

I hope the love of all things bath continues and I don't have future fights for cleanliness.  I'm not counting on it; they ARE boys after all.

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