Saturday, February 9, 2013

Elevator Obsessed

Alex wants to go "elevatoring."  It's his new favorite thing.  He drags his father in and out of the closet with lots of up and down motor noises punctuated by the "ding!" of arriving at the correct floor.  To facilitate him playing elevator by himself, I decided to do what any self respecting mama with a need to clean the kitchen in peace and a great Kodak printer would do.  I printed an "up and down" set and a numerical set of buttons for his closet.  The "up and down" is on the closet door (not much room on the wall mural for buttons) and the numerical panel is inside on the closet wall.  He and Big Puppy have been at it for about 20 minutes now!  Because I highly suspect these buttons will keep his interest for about a week or two, I just slapped them up with packing tape.  Be careful if you are doing this on anything less shiny than semi-gloss, it may take off the paint.