Monday, March 19, 2012

Attempted Murder (a quick and dirty post)

So, both boys are napping at the same time. That's a rather hit or miss deal. Ethan is a "go with the flow" individual. If there is a prime opportunity to sleep he takes it. "Going for a car ride mom? Cool, I'll snooze." I look at the 2 hours (hopefully) stretched out before me and catalog all the things I could accomplish unencumbered. Fold laundry? Nah. Empty dishwasher? Booooorrrring. Straighten living room? Okay. And that took all of 3 minutes. So I stick some soup on the stove to warm and decide to relax by making bread. Well, it should have been relaxing. Proof yeast, add flour, let rest, add more flour, stick in lighted turned-off oven to rise. Well the first three steps were no problemo. Then I added more flour. IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE! The dough starts climbing with reckless abandon up the dough hooks and up into my beloved vintage Sunbeam mixer. So. Not. Cool. I wrestle the ensnared hooks out of the dough and detach them from the mixer, kneed the dough for 10 minutes (there goes the relaxing part) and chuck the dough into a greased bowl for a 60 minute "time out." Bad dough. Baaaaaad dough. I look back at my mixer and sigh. I think for a moment, then grab the sippy cup cleaning tools that my mom gave me. The mascara brush looking tool was the saving grace. I think I got the majority of the dough out, and will go back over it once the left behind bits dry. I do love my mixer, I do. But I think it's time for a Kitchen Aid.

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