Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stuff I Like

These things have been rattling around in my head for a while... I'm going to write two separate blogs about the things I like for me, and the things I like as a mommy. I'm starting with the me stuff, so without further ado,

Stuff I like as a chic:

Cheap long sleeve tees. Old Navy seems to be my best source for these. As stated in my last blog, I like to get the next biggest size up. I can wear a medium, but only through a couple of washes. Then the sleeves are WAY too short. I love the fact that they are inexpensive enough that if one gets ruined by one of my husband's "Sharpie in the washer" incidents, it's not a huge deal. The best part is the new colors and patterns several times a season.
I've also lucked out at Marshall's in the activewear department. They have more/better items of this type in their workout wear than they do on the regular "knits" rack. I found Green Apple Organics tees with designs on them for less than $15. They look a bit like these, but with cool designs:
24" L/S V-Neck Tee

Flared pants. Being a girl with a boo-tay, I like jeans and pants with a flared leg. Skinny jeans do absolutely nothing for me, as I am not, well, skinny. The flare gives me balance top to bottom. The best flare leg jeans I have found is the "Long and Lean" from Gap. Despite the name, they aren't skinny.
long & lean. mid rise, fitted in the hip and thigh, flared leg opening.

I'm also a fan of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger brand flares but never buy these retail. They always tend to pop up at Marshalls at some point :)

Fuzzy socks... how could you not love fuzzy socks. Don't care about the brand, color, or print. Just gimme the fuzz.

Merrell shoes have saved my back. These too I buy at Marshalls, like my Moc clogs

But the ones I really want are full priced at Zappos.
But since this is all about stuff I like and not necessarily about what I own...
can you say Christian Louboutin????

But I digress.

Being a stay at home mom, I don't wear much in the way of makeup, but I do have some essential items in my repertoire.

The first couple are the "base coat" if you will. My mom turned me on to Cetaphil as a cleanser, and I haven't used anything else for 12 years. I also swear by Oil of Olay complete sensitive as my moisturizer. I've tried others, but it's so clean and non greasy I always come back to it.

For eyeshadows, I only have a couple colors but if I could only buy one brand for the rest of my life, it would be MAC. I got on the MAC train when it was just being acquired by Estee Lauder in 1996. The acquisition started in 94 and was complete by 98. (bet you didn't know Estee owned MAC, did you??)
I love their colors and finishes.

Mascara wise, I learned a long time ago that grocery store mascaras hold up better than department store brands. I've been through my share of brands and types and have finally found my happy place, lash wise. I wear contacts and have a bit of dry eye, so I have to be careful with "thickening" mascaras as they tend to have fibers in them. Once the mascara has been on your lashes for a while, it will flake. Right. Into. Your eyeballs. OUCH! That being said, if you throw out your mascara every three months it cuts down on this problem. I may be frugal, but I can't stand to have ouchie eyes. I decided to try Lash Blast Length as it was advertised to be anti flake. I wore it for a year when I decided against my better judgement to try Lash Blast Fusion which is the combo of their lengthening and thickening mascaras. I was pleasantly surprised. Little to no flaking, super black falsie eyelashes.
Last but not least is my nemesis, makeup wise. Lip stuff. I look horrible in lipstick, can't stand stains and hate gloss stickiness. I found my true lip love in Whole Foods years ago. Thanks to that wonderful bee-man Burt, I get soft color without icky lips.
Lip Shimmer - Burt's Bees

Hope this is helpful to a gal or too looking for some new stuff. Mostly, I just like blabbing about my favorite things!

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  1. Need to try the mascara. I always the cheap stuff too. Great ideas. Thanks!


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