Monday, November 29, 2010

Fall-ing Behind

I've been thinking of my blog more frequently over the past couple of days. A few weeks ago, I started to berate myself for falling behind on writing, but after a bit of reflection I came to an enlightened conclusion. Rather than force out a blog because I feel obligated to keep up with some of my bloggy pals, I needed to accept that my writing style springs from ideas that pop up spontaneously then germinate for a little while. I guess I was too busy enjoying my first fall in several years that I was living completely in the present. Add to that some serious life steps and you have a quiet blog. So let's catch up, shall we?

First, Alex has been going through some major baby changes. He has once again traveled several states in order join my awesome in-law family for turkey (yup, he tried some. He liked it so much he got fussy when I decided he'd had enough!) So in 8 months of life he's been from the bottom to the top of the east coast. He's frighteningly mobile now... Pulling up, crawling, cruising. As of a couple days ago, he's been letting go of the couch and standing for about a minute at a time. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he was walking (and attempting to Godzilla the Christmas tree) by the 25th. Add to that a pair of cute little bottom teeth, and you have

I've been playing the part of the incredible shrinking woman. Not that I mind, considering I thought I'd still be a heifer for the better part of a couple years. I'm just surprised that I weigh less than I have in the past 3 years. The only real problem this creates is that I need new clothes. To some this would be an exciting revelation. To me, it's not so great. I hate shopping for myself. I hate dressing rooms with their florescent lighting and over solicitous help. I hate the holiday crunch (all of my holiday shopping is done online or comes from my studio.) Add to that the fact that we're on a serious budget, and I'll just keep hiking up my pants, thanks.

Dennis has had some cool goings on as well. Brewmasters premiered to great reviews a couple Sundays ago. He hasn't popped up on screen yet, but I'm sure we'll at least see him in the background at some point. Either way, it's still really cool to have your workplace on TV. He's chef'd a couple more amazing beer dinners and will be presenting Pork-A-Pa-Looza! on December 12th. And yes, you read right... Raison D'Etre and bacon ice cream float. Bacon. Ice Cream. Made with Raison beer. *siiiiggggghhhh* I married a culinary genius! (and yes, I know some of you out there have made bacon ice cream before... but you never gave ME any!!)

So as we start hanging lights, stockings and put up our first big tree, I'll be germinating some of those thoughts for publishing. Til then, enjoy your turkey sandwiches!

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