Friday, October 22, 2010

Thought for Food

Lucky me, I get to go to the Dogfish beer dinners :) I wanted to share this latest one with you as it was an extra special occasion. I won't go into a ton of detail about the food, as it will be hard to be objective. I love my husband's food. I always have, ever since the first time he made me a scratch pizza, dough and all. His food has gotten even better with time and is absolutely flourishing with the creative freedom that DfH has given him. But I digress.

This dinner, the official beginning to beer dinner season, was all about the Ancient Ales. These are some of my very favorite beers in general, not necessarily because they are Dogfish brews. Add to this the fact that Molecular Archeologist Dr. Patrick McGovern was speaking and I was in bliss. I'm a geek. Not just a beer geek, but a geek of all trades. I love learning, and much like my mom, would be happy to take a class every semester for the rest of my life. So when the author of Uncorking the Past: The Quest for Beer, Wine and Other Alcoholic Beverages was scheduled to speak about his work with Sam on Midas Touch and the other Ancient Ales it was a great way to spend a Sunday evening. Mom kept Alex so I could have adult conversation and he could have a normal bed time.

We started the evening with Sam speaking a bit about working with Dr. McGovern and the new Discovery Channel show Brewmasters which will be featuring (maybe not until next season though) the two intrepid brew-storians creating yet another fantastic potable for our drinking pleasure. Just to give you a quick bit of insight on the coolness factor of Dr. McGovern... not only is he considered the "Indiana Jones" of Ancient Ales and does he have a great sense of humor proven by his slide show, but he was so instrumental in the process of procuring the original scrapings used for Chateau Jiahu that he was the one who recieved the GABF medal for it. I was too busy enjoying the short lecture, the amazing food, and the fantastic beer to be bothered with copious notes, but I did take pictures of each course. To all my beer loving friends, most of whom live in Florida, I wish you could have been there. It was another "once in a lifetime" type of events. Just remember that while Delaware may not be in your normal travel plans, there is plenty to eat your heart out over. Like the next several beer dinners!! (and the regular specials... can you say antelope sliders??!!)

Ancient Ales Beer Dinner

Shrimp and Pumpkin Ceviche with Chicha

Gralax served on Local Diced Potatoes (with the bite of Vinegar) with Sah'tea

Forbidden Rice Salad with Braised Pork Belly, Local Veggies, Honey Lime Vinaigrette with Chateau Jiahu (this one was by far my favorite)

Lamb Chop Lentil Stew with Local Root Vegetables with Midas Touch

Chili and Chocolate Truffles served with Fresh Whipped Cream with Theobroma (and he wasn't kidding around about the Chiles)

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