Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hi, and welcome to my blog. I probably won't post anything newsworthy, and more often than not, you will find posts of little to no redeeming value. However, you will probably laugh. Quite frequently. I am a klutz, not only in my physical nature but in what tends to happen to me in my daily dealings. You will probably also get an earful (eyeful?) about my favorite guys: Dennis; the hubby and chef, Alex; my sweet baby boy, Roscoe; the super wiener and O & Hank; the dynamic kitt-eh duo. Also, be aware that there will be quite a bit of mommy talk. Hey, I stay at home with my kid. You talk about your job, this is me talking about mine :)

It may seem weird to some, but I also am an avid craft beer fan. This happened WAY before we moved back to the mid-Atlantic for Dennis (the hubby, remember?) to work as the chef for Dogfish Head. I learned to love it way back when I worked at Phillips and Capitol City Brewing company had a location in Baltimore. I owe it all to a great guy named Abe, who is now brewing beer in heaven.

I also dabble in the silver and jewelry business. Dabble, because any of you out there who are moms know that a baby's naptime is never a guaranteed length, and I don't feel particularly safe getting covered in metal shavings or running a torch when the little man could screech at any moment. Baby + metal/propane/epoxy/etc = a visit from child services. Sooooo, I grab bench time when I can and try to be more efficient about it. You CAN sketch while your baby is asleep with little to no fear of permanent damage. Just don't let the baby eat the pencil.

I'm also trying (ala Julie and Julia, but I wanted to do it before that) to work my way through a couple of professional pastry books. I love flavors. That may seem like a very general statement, but if you think about it on a less "food good" nature, and more like the chemistry of blending new and interesting things, it may make more sense. The only problem with this line of vocation is that, as I AM quite the klutz, Alex and I (and sometimes poor Roscoe) tend to end up covered in flour or other ingredients. Now before you reach for the phone to call child services again, I am very mindful of raw ingredients and wash my hands to the point of Sahara desert (dessert, lol) chapping. So banish those visions of my kid sticking his little fingers in his mouth with raw egg all over them. I may be a bit unorthodox, but I like Alex. I'm gonna take every precaution that he'll be sticking around for quite some time.

Well, that's enough chewing off your ear for the time being... if there's anyone even listening (hello...echo echo echo).


  1. Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!! Keep it up, it is a great idea and we can keep up with your day to day adventures.

  2. I love everything about this! How great it will be to get to know the adult you - I like her already.


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