Monday, February 13, 2012

Puppy Daddy

Alex is such a live wire. He bounces and careens from place to place with wild abandon leaving toys, juice cups and frightened housepets in his wake. That being said, he's got a sweet streak a mile long. While he can be pretty rough at times, his heart is so big it overwhelms me sometimes. He wants to hold his baby brother,

makes his daddy "coffee" every morning from his play kitchen and loves on his stuffed puppy with an incredible gentleness. I asked him the other day if he was Alex's Puppy's daddy (Alex's Puppy is the stuffed dog's actual name.) He said yes with such a brilliant look on his face. You could see the little wheels turning in his head as he realized he could be just like his daddy. One of my favorite new developments is Alex giving Puppy a bath. He takes Puppy over to the play kitchen and puts him in the sink. He then takes the baby washcloth I gave him and sprinkles shampoo on it. Which is to say he takes the lid off a wooden play jar of jam, shakes it over the washcloth and puts the lid back on. He then proceeds to scrub puppy with some prompting from me as to the different body parts. When Puppy is all "clean" Alex brings him to me to swaddle in a towel. He then carries Puppy around for upwards of 30 minutes, swinging him around and dancing with him.

I think he's already on his way to being a spectacular daddy.

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  1. Glad you're back in the saddle. I love the dog's name. Classic. Vance always carried the girl's baby dolls around and we called him Papa Vance. You could tell he was proud of his title by the way his little chest puffed up and I liked saying it because it reminded me of Papa Smurf. :)


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