Friday, June 17, 2011

SHOCK! & awwwwwww...

When Dennis and I were still dating but already pretty serious, the subject of starting a family came up. After a relatively short conversation, it seemed as though we were pretty much on the same page. Stay at home parent, cloth diapers, breast feeding. Then the number issue came up. For a long time, for various reasons, I never really wanted kids. With Dennis, it was very easy to see that there would be an equal share in the work, discipline and love it takes to raise a tiny human. Balancing both of these thoughts, it's not surprising that I wanted one child. Dennis agreed, which pretty much sealed the deal. Flash forward to August 2009. I found out I was pregnant with Alex and we were excited, scared and very very happy. Throughout the pregnancy when people asked about the potential size of our little family the party line was always "one and done." I think quite a few friends and family can attest to the fact that we stuck pretty tight to this statement. Forward again to Alex at 3 months old. This is the age I lovingly refer to as the "potato baby" phase. Little potato sits in his chair or swing and waves his arms and legs, coos, smiles... And is so so very cute. Suddenly, we start considering another baby. The rationale became "if they're really close in age, we can get through the baby phase within 4 or 5 years.". We decided to let the chips fall where they may. We weren't taking basil body temps, but we also weren't attempting any type of prevention. Still, the party line remained. We figured if it didn't happen, no one is the wiser. If it did, "surprise!" This should be the end of the story, right? Well, not so much. As we approached Alex's first birthday, the possibility of close together babies was fading away. So we called and made an appointment for the baby factory to be shut down. Only problem was, we called in February, but they couldn't schedule the surgery until the end of April. We made the appointment and went about our merry way. Alex turned one, got his first major haircut and rocketed into toddler-hood. The appointment was kept, and to alleviate any issues between rammy toddler and recovering dada I dropped Alex off at my dad and s'mom's on the way to throw a baby shower for my favorite girl, Otter. While I was in NYC, I felt a bit off. I was extra clumsy, sensitive and just out of it. I chalked it up to sub par sleep and massive amounts of driving. After a night up north, I headed back to pick up the mini monster and head back home. It was the beginning of May and just a few short days after the surgery. Wait. The BEGINNING of May. The beginning of the month and no aunt flo. And I'm super cranky. And tired. And the girls don't look like they did a month ago, they look like I spent the weekend having a boob lift. Uh. Oh. Went to the store... Pee'd on a stick... And shazaam. So much for one and done. It was quite the surprise, to say the least! I had Dennis buy another stick for posterity. Yup. Took about 2 seconds for it to blaze bright pink. After a couple days of daze Dennis and I started thinking about names, moving into a forever home and boy versus girl. And most of all, about sweet cuddly potato babies.

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